Who We Are

GTS’ World Class International Software 4.0 Business Development is Licensing two platforms to the global market.

Our international teams work intensely with our Partners to create & provide high value software 4.0 development to meet each country’s requirements.

Our technical and design teams behind our platforms constantly support our partners across the world.

Our product offering incorporates these on-trend design elements to increase the appeal of our products to meet our partner’s requirements. In this way we design, develop, and customize apps to fit the business models of each country.

GTS’ global technical support provides its partners with APP customization for both IOS and Android devices.

We aim to be a full technical service to our strategic partners so that content creation is a seamless process for celebrities.

Why Choose Us


Multiple forms of high value advertising around content, plus product placement in content


Subscription revenue from users desiring pre-roll ad-free viewing

Digital Goods

Live-action star sticker sales

Carrier Licensing

Developing-world mobile carrier content licensing agreements


Premium, Short Form Video Content and Digital Goods for Global Mobile Devices

  • Short form videos and series produced with and for the biggest stars in the world from sports, music, fashion, comedy, film and TV.
  • Subtitled in major global languages.
  • Offers a broad range of advertising spaces to major global brands.
  • Star-centric, rather than platform-centric, business model:

Stars create reach, attract advertisers and drive user engagement.

Stars receive currency for content rather than reach for content.

Benefits for Stars

Monetization of content and reach, their own as well as that of their “co-stars”.

Outsourcing to Topstars of production, app promotion, platform development and maintenance, ad strategy and direct sales, global expansion, sticker sales and new digital good development and sales.

Star brand protection.

Stars elevated to stars-only platform.

Benefits for Advertisers

Association with premium content from big stars at lower cost and with greater flexibility.

Enhanced targeting of ad content via demographic, psychographic and geographic criteria.

More and better impressions per ad dollar spent due to targeting and disintermediation of ad buying agencies.

Benefits for Users

Curated high quality content from biggest stars.

Sent to mobile device with push notifications of the availability of desired content.

Professionally produced content, made for mobile devices.

Freedom to choose free ad-supported viewing or paid preroll-free access to content.

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